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Trust Wallet for Solana

A non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, Trust Wallet is among the biggest names in the cryptocurrency domain. With the mission to make crypto accessible to everyone, it has no restrictions or barriers to entry. Purchasing, selling, and swapping various coins can be done in a single space.

Let’s explore this digital wallet in detail, learn about its support for Solana, and fully understand a few key cryptocurrency concepts.

What Is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is among the most trusted and secure cryptocurrency wallets worldwide. It is a user-controlled wallet where only the user has full control over their funds. With easy and convenient access to various cryptocurrencies, it allows you to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies, earn interests, view collectibles, such as NFTs, and track relevant charts and prices. It supports 33 blockchains, which means that it provides support for over 250,000 assets.

Trust Wallet is highly reliable as it was acquired by Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. There are no upfront or maintenance charges. In addition to this, the wallet guarantees high security.

Note that Trust Wallet, in itself, does not hold any crypto. It is simply a bridge that connects the user to the blockchain, which gives access to the required cryptocurrency. This is enabled by a private key and a seed phrase.

How to Hold Solana on Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet offers complete support for Solana (SOL). It is quite simple to get started with this service and begin your cryptocurrency journey. You only need to follow a few basic steps.

  1. Download the Trust Wallet application from App Store or get it on Google Play. Make sure to download it from official sources only.
  2. Create a new wallet once the app launches.
  3. The wallet will generate a 12-word seed phrase for you. Verify it before saving it with you. This is essential because, without the seed phrase, you will be locked out of the wallet with no way of accessing your funds.
  4. The newly-created multi-coin wallet can handle cryptocurrencies for 30+ blockchains. In order to get the public key for SOL, navigate to Settings – Wallets – Main Wallet, and finally Export Account Public Keys. Copy your Solana public key to use for your exchanges.
  5. Lastly, transfer Solana to your wallet. You can use any cryptocurrency exchanger for this. Select Solana, enter the amount you wish to transfer and send it to Trust Wallet. Use the public address for your wallet when sending the amount. Once done, you will have Solana in your wallet and will be able to hold it for as long as you want.

For extra security, you can even set a password with or without Face ID or Touch ID.

Private Keys for Solana in Trust Wallet

If you try looking for a private key in Trust Wallet, you will find that it is not available anywhere in the wallet. The app does not give you the private key since it’s very sensitive information. Instead, it provides users with a seed phrase, which, in turn, is used to acquire a private key.

The conversion of a seed phrase to a private key has been incorporated in the wallet to create an additional layer of security between the user and the wallet.

To get the private keys for Solana in Trust Wallet, go to the Settings and copy the 12-word seed phrase from there. To convert this phrase into a private key, you can use different software and third-party tools available online. Simply paste the seed phrase and select the cryptocurrency – Solana, in this case. This is usually all that is required to get Solana private keys.

Background Information: Private Keys and Seed Phase

A private key and a seed phrase are among essential terminologies in the cryptocurrency domain. Although having a vague idea of these phrases might help you understand relevant discussions, it is important to have an in-depth comprehension if you wish to make informed decisions with your cryptocurrency.

What Is a Private Key?

Essentially a password, a private key is an instance of sophisticated cryptography that allows accessing and managing cryptocurrency funds. While funds can be deposited and received using the public address, withdrawals cannot be made without a private key. A private key is among the cryptographic innovations that make digital money possible.

Private keys come in various forms. They can be:

  • a 64-digit hexadecimal code composed of alphabets and numbers;
  • a 25-character binary code of zeros and ones;
  • a QR code;
  • a mnemonic phrase.

Since a blockchain transaction requires a digital signature for authorization, it is this private key that performs this crucial function. The private key is used in combination with the data in the transaction to generate the digital signature. This further highlights the need to safeguard the private key since authentic, irreversible transactions can be conducted from a wallet if one can obtain the private key.

Note that every cryptocurrency wallet has a private and a public key. While a public key can be searched in the ledger, a private key is strictly confidential and should not be shared under any circumstances. 

Solana – Private keys export from trust wallet.

To export your Solana from Trust Wallet to other wallets such as: myethwallet, metamask – you may need to export your private keys, this can be done using the mnemonic phrase and this utility.

What Is a Seed Phase?

Seed phrase (also known as seed backup, seed phrase, or seed recovery phrase) is a series of words generated by a wallet that stores all the information needed to recover funds on-chain. The seed phrase is generated by the wallet (software) and is supposed to be noted down somewhere, preferably offline. As long as you are in possession of this seed phrase, you can have access to the cryptocurrency associated with the wallet.

The words in the seed phrase are taken from the dictionary, with each word having a number assigned to it. The entire seed phrase can then be converted to a numeric value that is used by the wallet to generate all the required key pairs.

Although it is technically possible to invent your own seed, it is not safe to do so because humans cannot create seed phrases with the degree of randomness that wallet software can.

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